I love my job! 

I've been a freelancing designer/art director for 20 years and I’m as excited to see the next brief as I was my first. I can't wait to find out 'what problem am I solving today?' and, more importantly, 'Who am I solving it for?' I’ve seen the same brief many times but the answer is always different because the client always has a unique story. It's YOU that makes it interesting.

I freelance with several agencies in London working on projects for clients that include BA, Virgin Media, Heineken, Barclays and the NHS. When I'm not at an agency, I like to support small East London businesses and help them succeed with design services that create a consistent brand message.

All design, branding and retouching is done by me - it's what I love. I work from home, in co-working spaces and in an office I share in Fitzrovia, London. For small design jobs I work alone. For bigger projects, I call on my network of writers, photographers, film makers, strategists, digital gurus, marketing experts, proof readers...I'm lucky to know some seriously talented people! We're all here to help. That's a lot of agency experience on hand without the agency overheads.

Branding projects are my favourite. I create logos but, beyond that, I also want to know how it's used. Branding involves everything that represents your business and every interaction with your audience. It's very satisfying building a strong, recognisable brand and watching it grow.

I also love photoshop. Not creating fake perfection but working on colour and image correction, extending backgrounds and improving shoots that didnt quite go to plan. 

I care about the environment and use responsibly sourced materials wherever possible. FSC and recycled papers have come a long way - the quality is really good and the whites are crisp (if thats what you're after). Non-chemical print options are also improving, including vegetable inks for litho and carbon-neutral cartridges for digital print. 

Anyway, enough about me. I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

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Jan Lewis Creative has been looking after our graphic requirements for nine years. Her work is always clear, creative and sensitive to the nature of our work. We are thrilled with her work and highly recommend her services. 

Yvonne Fletcher - Director, SurvivorsTogether

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