A post from CreativePool alerted me to a brief for Amnesty International. They were looking for ideas to Stop Demonising Politics. This sounded like a good problem to tackle with creativity so I asked strategist and writer Matthew Sinclair if he wanted to brainstorm with me.

We met at Tate Modern, each armed with some initial thoughts and ideas. We then discussed them together, did some digging and developing and ended up with a dozen or more ideas. We then eliminated the weakest and discussed the strongest until we had our best three.

Over the next few days, Matthew wrote some copy and rationales, I put a presentation pdf together and we submitted our ideas to CreativePool. Our ideas weren't selected but we think they're worth sharing.

An awareness raising street booth designed to bring the sound of global struggles to local neighbourhoods.

Amnesty ambient awareness raising booth

Ideas for a public art treasure hunt, asking 'Where's our Humanity?'

Amnesty ambient art treasure hunt - Where's our Humanity?

Empty advertising space in national newspapers highlights the plight of missing and imprisoned journalists

Amnesty disruptive press campaign part 1

A fake horoscope describes the fate of those born under the wrong state not star sign

Amnesty disruptive press campaign part 2

A TV schedule that describes the reality of injustice in place of the programmes we watch to escape.

Amnesty disruptive press campaign part 3

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