Bunny, Bear and Boo was created by a group of mums who met through the birth of their children. With a clear idea of what their kids should wear but not finding it readily available, they set out to design and make their own accessories and now want to share their style via an online shop.

They started the branding journey by sending a sketch. I really liked it so the first thing I did was simply trace it with my illustration software. Then I tried some variations. In the end, I kept the circle from the original sketch and decided to use the drawn character shapes to reflect the handmade aspect of the clothes. Placing the animals side-by-side and just tipping out of the circle created a landscape for them and a space for the name. 

I know these mums are visual people so to help keep the cost down; I sent them to fontsquirrel.com (a good online source for free and cheap fonts) and asked them to choose some styles they liked. One of their choices worked perfectly with the illustration so I put it together with a colour palette to create a warm, fun brand. 

They are using the neutral black and white version for now but might introduce some colour later. They’re at the start of their journey and I hope to be with them for the ride. I wish them every success and look forward to seeing what they grow into.

BunnyBearAndBoo original logo sketch and its development

BunnyBearAndBoo Logo Journey

The final BunnyBearAndBoo logo in 9 colour options

BunnyBearAndBoo palette

BunnyBearAndBoo teething ring (wolf print) showing branded fabric label

BunnyBearAndBoo product

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