I always enjoy working with writer Rachel at TMP Worldwide but this was one of my favourite projects there. Heineken were sponsoring The Edinburgh Fringe and were looking for fun ways to promote a recruitment message while they were there.

We had so many exciting ideas. They ran with a variation of the Edinburgh Fridge (see what we did?) but our other ideas included a gig in the sky (I’d have loved to see that happen), an interactive display where people could design their own bottle by moving elements around on a video wall, VIP treatment for a random guest (selected from survey information collected at one or more UK airports) and a dedicated bar stool that super-imposed you into a movie playing on a screen in one of the Heineken bars.

Idea to attract talent to Heineken - make us laugh at the Edinburgh fringe.

Heineken - The Edinburgh Fridge

Idea to attract talent to Heineken with a treasure hunt at the Edinburgh fringe.

Heineken - Looking for Stars

Win a seat at a comedy gig up a crane at the Edinburgh fringe, sponsored by Heineken.

Heineken - Gig in the sky

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