This was a project I worked on whilst freelancing with one of my agency clients. The brief was to produce a logo and brand guidelines for this web service, created to attract and recruit teachers to Kent.

Several options were presented but the client chose my favourite. The green and blue overlapping squares represent Kent’s location in the UK – the bottom right corner where the land meets the sea. The overlapping squares/rectangles represent in-depth knowledge and the full colour palette – energy and excitement.

The designs included a square and horizontal version of the logo along with mono and spot colour options. The guidelines covered the usual information including fonts, logo colours (for print and online), minimum sizes, exclusion zones and how not to use the logo.  As this was a web-based company, they also included some web design rules along with a full spec for a large colour palette to differentiate the information sections and keep the site interesting. 

Front cover of Kent-Teach Brand guidelines document

Kent-Teach Brand Guidelines

Spread from the guidelines showing the full colour palette and web page example

Kent-Teach Colour Palette

Two spreads from the guidelines showing the basic logo rules

Kent-Teach Logo rules

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