Survivors Together is a charity based in East London who provide social meetings for local women survivors of sexual abuse.

Since creating their logo back in 2008, I provide all their communication and marketing materials including annual reports, monthly invitations, web updates and fundraising materials. 

Their brand isn’t their number one concern but, as their remote creative department, I look after it for them. This ensures they send out a consistent message with the right balance of fun and professionalism. They tell me the quality of the annual reports definitely helps them resource funds.

Last year, I introduced the reversed out style, a brighter palette and new font to regenerate the brand. I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

SurvivorsTogether basic logo examples and palette

SurvivorsTogether Branding

SurvivorsTogether 2016 Annual Report cover and selection of spreads

SurvivorsTogether Annual Report

SurvivorsTogether Poetry book with two front covers instead of a back cover

SurvivorsTogether Poetry Book

A variety of devices displaying different pages from SurvivorsTogether Website

SurvivorsTogether Web Design

A selection of SurvivorsTogether postcard and flyer invitations

SurvivorsTogether Postcards and flyers

A selection of SurvivorsTogether meeting invitations sent by email

SurvivorsTogether Email Invitations

Some examples of SurvivorsTogether business cards and stationery

SurvivorsTogether Stationery

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