Charities like Survivors Together often rely on voluntary support but they sometimes receive grants and funds for certain projects. It’s a tough call for charities as they are often judged for spending money on marketing and not on their cause. But sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Looking like an efficient, well-run organisation helps them find sponsors and raise much-needed funds to support more people.

Survivors Together have told me that the quality of their annual reports have definitely helped them secure grants and funding.

Cover and 4 spreads from SurvivorsTogether's 2016 Annual Report

SurvivorsTogether Annual Report

A double fronted poetry book written by members of the group to help raise funds

SurvivorsTogether Poetry Book

A selection of flyers and invitations for SurvivorsTogether meetings

SurvivorsTogether flyers and postcards

A selection of SurvivorsTogether forms and stationery

SurvivorsTogether Stationery

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