I first heard of Glimpse when their CATS project went viral. Glimpse are a group of creatives using their skills for good – providing glimpses of a better world. For the Clapham Advertising Takeover Scheme (CATS), they replaced all the ads in Clapham station with pictures of cats. (http://weglimpse.co/catsnotads/). I signed up and was later invited to a hack day to consider what could be done to make people ‘better connected’.

About 60 people came together for the hack day. We broke up into small groups of 7 or 8 to look at one of three briefs. Our group discussed what people have in common as well as what differences keep us apart. After lunch, we each shared ideas on what events we could create to draw people together. We then had a vote and the winning idea for our team was ‘The Big Picnic’ -– well we all have to eat! We developed it a little before presenting it to the other groups at the end of the day. What I love about brainstorming is the number of ideas that can be generated. 8 groups worked on 3 briefs, all about being better connected and each group presented a unique, creative idea. 

After the hack day there was an online vote to decide which of the projects could be made real and The Big Picnic was one of them. Coincidentally, the Jo Cox Great Get Together weekend was launched a month or so later so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to join in and get people talking. 

Not all of the original picnic team were able to see it through but Glimpse members are used to teaming up and mucking in. Several meetings later (with graphics by Jo, a website by Anastasia, a practice picnic and lots of social sharing by everyone), the picnic came to life.

The Picnic Project was the result of brainstorming ideas how to make people better connected.

Ideas session with a great result

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