Well it would’ve been a secret if we hadn’t seen it in the Guardian. Now we want to share it too - a fantastic exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Britannia Street near King’s Cross.

Three rooms of massive weatherproof steel by Richard Serra. I love artists that aren’t hindered by practicalities. The largest room holds the most impressive piece. NJ-2. It’s beautiful and mysterious (Why is it angled? Is it solid? Why is it this colour? How did it get here?). The footprint itself is maze-like but the rust orange walls are angled so it’s disorientating and difficult to walk straight.

Curiosity got the better of us so we asked the guards about the installation. They had to close the road (not for an hour but for several days) and remove a couple of walls to carefully manoeuvre this giant gently into place.

The other two rooms house 4 other pieces. These are ‘Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure’…

…and these rectangles are ‘Rotate’

You can find out more about Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery here and if you can, go and experience it for yourself until 25th February 2017. Then I guess the fun begins, getting it back out. Thanks, Richard and Gagosian, for making it happen.

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