Last year, the commuters of Clapham got a break from the usual advertising noise and were instead greeted with a station of cats. The takeover was imagined by Glimpse (@weglimpse), a collective of creatives who want to use their skills for good. They had the idea back in February last year - the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) - and used crowdfunding to make it happen. You can find out more here and there’s a short video here.

I first saw it on Colossal and was inspired enough to track them down and sign up, interested to see what they would do next. I was delighted to get an invitation to their next hack day to look at a choice of briefs, all based on the idea of being better connected. 

We met at the offices of @webcredible and had a group warm-up before breaking off into smaller groups to brainstorm our chosen brief.

We had a break to eat the fantastic lunch provided (thank you, @crumblefood), followed by some post-lunch warm-up exercises in the car park.

Then back to the board to thrash out our final ideas.

6 votes chose a clear winner which we presented at the end of the day. Considering there were only 3 briefs along a similar theme, it was great to see all 8 groups present something different. Some even had time to make a presentation on the laptop! There will be a mass vote on the final concepts plus the ideas generated by the regional groups also taking part.

Watch this space to find out which idea/s you might yet see realised. Meanwhile, you can find out more about and how to join, here.

#weglimpse #connectionhack

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