Not before bed!

For a good night’s sleep, we’re told to avoid screens of any kind for an hour before bedtime. However, for the rest of the day, you’re probably going to have some online presence.

From buttons and banners to podcast videos, we’ll get you looking tidy, online.

      My digital services include:

      • Web ready files – JPGs, GIFs, SVGs, PDFs etc
      • Social media files
      • Banners
      • Buttons
      • MPUs
      • HTML emails
      • Website design 
      • Presentations (in PowerPoint and Prezi)
      • Online resources including PDF documents and flipping books

      Services my brilliant colleagues can do:

      • Website builds
      • SEO 
      • Blog writing
      • Web content (it's a skill)
      • Video (seriously, I’m in with some incredibly talented videographers and film makers)
      • Photography
      • Proofreading

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      A pure pleasure to work with! Highly recommended.

      Tim Lord - Illustrator

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