Graphic Design

"Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration." (thanks Wiki!).

Good graphic design should…

  • communicate your message clearly (what do you want to say?)
  • evoke an appropriate emotion (what do you want your audience to feel?)
  • include a call to action (what do you want your audience to do?)

Graphic design is all around us. Good design just feels right - sometimes it's so good you don't even notice you've been 'courted' (think apple, for both their products AND their graphic design).

Even 'basic brand' products have been designed with very plain packaging to look inexpensive. If they used a serif font in dark lush colours instead, that decision would create a different feel altogether. It's a deliberate balance of typography, space, colour and imagery. Good graphic design works for you. Good graphic design helps you communicate clearly and reinforces your brand values. 

Even your business basics need design

Your business basics are an important part of your brand and should be designed carefully with that in mind. Business cards, letterheads and invoices are all customer touchpoints and should make the right impression. 

There are also opportunities to impress when you’re not around.

A personalised proposal cover or template can give you the edge and remind your clients why they should call you.

Your packaging can do more than just hold your products.

If you have premises, are you easy to find and a pleasure to visit?

If you have staff, how are your internal communications? Your staff can be your greatest ambassadors if they’re on your side.

There are so many ways to impress:

Build a strong and consistent brand online with your website, social media profiles and targeted advertising. Print works alongside your online presence and can provide something longer lasting or unexpected (including ambient pieces like adbikes and pavement art). For events, new products, great services, or because you just have something to share, our clever, well-targeted communications will get your message to the right people at the right time.

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In my previous career in Recruitment Comms, I worked with Jan regularly for over 10 years. In that time, she delivered some outstanding ideas and campaigns for me. More recently, as the owner of, I've included a number of Jan's ideas in my marketing.

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